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“Loved our time together. I support your dream”
-Diedre Hall “Days of our Lives”

“Thanks tons for participating in my fashion show with your fun, vintage jewels. They really worked well with my clothing and definitely added to the overall success of the show"
-Sue Wong

Beauty and thrill both abound
When one stumbles upon the unique,
The jewelry of Lara Noel Hill, I recently found,
Was enticing, artistic, suggesting mystique~

There's so much that we've seen while shopping.
We have access to most all there is.
Countless trips, we fill bags without stopping.
It's a habit without the old fizz.

I invite you to come, you'll be taken
When you look at the artist's creation.
Find "that" piece and your heart will awaken!
So much beauty is here to partake in.

When you saw the Emmys, you know, those awards?
There were actors who were nominees.
They primped some so they would look good to the hordes.
Then they asked for our Lara's well-known expertise.

Although there are many more songs I could sing!
Oh, the stories of her I could tell you!
I'll keep it to one; it's that Golden Globe fling
For their jewelry it's Lara they'll look to!
-Mary Powell

“I adore antique jewelry so I am very happy to have found Designs by Lara Noel Hill. All her designs feature centerpieces from the 1920s – 1950s and are combined with either antique beads, freshwater pearls, antique glass, crystals or semiprecious stones to make a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. Go and check out the rest of the pieces on the website, there are some beautiful bits for sale.”
-Mary Powell

"I am a major collector of Lara's vintage jewelry, and have been for about 6 years. I love them because every piece is unique and one of a kind. Any of them can be worn with a pair of jeans or something more dressy. When you wear one of her necklaces; you will be sure to receive compliments on them. I recommend trying them on because they look so different when you are wearing them, than when they are on display. They come to life!"
-Debbie Leighton

“When I saw Lara Noel Hill’s jewelry designs, I struck gold! I fell madly in love with her innovation and taste level. I am a vintage connoisseur and Lara's collection is the best way I've ever seen vintage interpreted to a contemporary silhouette. I have incorporated Lara Noel Hill in all my projects for advertising, runway and marketing campaigns including billboards and collateral promotion for Los Angeles Fashion Week and California Market Center Market Week ads. Her line lends an edge and exquisite style to all projects. I wear a piece of DESIGNS BY LARA NOEL HILL for every notable event including my "Style and Substance Award" given to me by the fashion industry. It is because of my choices of designers like Lara Noel Hill that put the "STYLE" in that honor. I love the ever evolving line and will always be a great fan and patron of Lara Noel Hill."
-Karen Mamont, Executive Marketing Director and Director of Public Relations for the California Market Center

“Thank you very much for an overwhelming necklace. I’ll wear it with big pleasure. You have definitely got a talent”
-Mariya Bradham

“As usual I just love the necklace. Every time I wear one I get compliments galore”
-Carol Mullen

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I LO-O-O-VE my “Triple Sundae” necklace. I kept begging to get a piece. They are so unique and different, just what I always look for in jewelry
-Sharon Jones